Homepage of Tamás Héger

Magyar változat.

Eötvös Loránd University, Institute of Mathematics, Department of Computer Science, room 3.609
Budapest, Hungary

Research interests: finite geometry, finite geometric graph constructions.
I am a part-time assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science.

Homepage of the Finite Geometry Seminar.

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    NOTE: The correct value of Z_{2,2}(15,15) is 61 as reported by Brendan Mckay in June, 2015. In this article we used 60 instead as published by Richard K. Guy.
    Three more errors in Guy's (and hence in our) table was reported by Andrew Kay (April 2016), as follows: Z_{2,2}(14,26)=82; Z_{2,2}(14,27)=84; Z_{2,2}(14,28)=86. Andrew Kay maintains an online database for Zarankiewicz numbers.

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